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Chunky Gold Hoops (2 Sizes)

Chunky Gold Hoops (2 Sizes)

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Hoop earrings are a jewelry box staple. These are made from pure 14K gold, but they are hollow on the inside so that they don't weigh down your ear. 

They are sold in 2 different sizes: Large, & Extra Large.

Both sizes are 5mm in width, for a bolder look. 

Hoop Size Measurements

L: 30mm

XL: 40mm

Treat this item with care

These pure 14K gold earrings are hollow on the inside, so that they feel as light as a feather; you might even forget you are wearing them! There is nothing worse than a heavy earring weighing down your ear. With that, they are delicate, and it is important to always handle them with care.

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